Evacume is an emergency response service that integrates mapping to calculate custom evacuation routes with a communication component that allows a two-way communication system between users and authorities.

Evacume’s pilot version will allow residents and visitors of Boston to obtain turn-by-turn directions to, and along FEMA evacuation routes towards points outside the city. EvacuMe will also attempt to minimize travel through low-lying areas that may be at risk of flooding while mapping nearby assets such as shelters, high points, gas stations.

—Given a location, Evacume will route you to and along approved evacuation routes


Besides the evacuation route, EvacuME will provide in one place a live stream of all announcements from local and regional authorities. This feature can be customized based on geolocation or user’s preferences. Furthermore, EvacuME will give the possibility to the user to generate relevant content on road conditions, flooding conditions and other valuable information for the community.




The project was selected finalist in the Boston Climathon - Hacking resiliency to present results at the UN’s COP21 conference in Paris. Presented as part of the initiative to develop solutions for climate change resiliency related to sea level rise in the greater Boston area.

Developed with Marta Marello, Swetha Shavaram, Nissia Sabri, Katie O'Connor, Mathew Isles and Kevin Smith.