Speculative City

My Architecture Masters thesis, Speculative City: The Micronation of Harmonia (Universidad Veritas, October 2012) proposed an architectural vision of a self-sufficient, sustainable culture and an environment that cares about human welfare and collectivism. The thesis examines the use of literary narrative to speculate and imagine new and experimental ways of living.

Based on the description of Harmonia in the Dictionary of Imaginary Places, the project extrapolates urban preconceived thoughts, behavior patterns and inventions to be reinterpreted into programmatic issues and needs for Harmonia. The relationship between the physical and imaginary work to promote discovery. The creation of these narrative myths allows us to explore cities with their own identities. Here is Harmonia, our city, a narrative world that illustrates how literature can be translated directly into the architectonic urban space.

— Imaginary Landscapes | Thesis Exhibit

Harmonia is an imaginary place created by the French philosopher Charles Fourier (1772-1837). We selected this place because Fourier's principles explores themes about social success. As city gamification, cooperation and pleasure. He believed that a cooperative society improved the societies production capacity. The city is structured around phalanxes or cooperative communities.

— Components | Energy, light, Comunication and Knowledge

— Matryoshka concept diagram and longitudinal view — City plan distribution | Collage

— Schematic drawings | Pencil on paper

— Spaces in the city | Collage

— Side view | Collage



The Micronation of Harmonia is a project by CloudJar (Jose Pablo Cordero, Amanda Rodriguez and myself). If you would like to know more about it, feel free to contact me.